How To Watch A Free NFL Game On Xbox One Or PC This Sunday

You’ll be able to stream the early London game online for free through a number of devices, including Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Watch NFL from ANYWHERE | Best VPN for NFL

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As soon as the NFL season started, I realized that my NFL+ account is kinda useless. I want to watch local games LIVE, not see replays when I already know the scores… so, this called for some VPN for NFL troubleshooting. Let me share exactly what I did and how YOU can watch NFL games from anywhere.


❓ Should you get NFL+ or a streaming service?

The first method I’m requires an NFL+ subscription. You can also get a streaming service, like Hulu or ESPN+, but streaming sites can vary in the types of content they show.

❓ What should I do first?

The very first step when figuring out ”how to watch NFL games live” is to pick the best NFL VPN. Most of best VPN 2022 picks work, but some do a better job than others. For example, if you pick Hulu as your streaming service, IPVanish or AtlasVPN won’t be able to get through, only NordVPN and Surfshark can.

�� Watching games in the US – first method

Anyway, I have NordVPN for NFL set up for the first method. The only thing I need to do is to connect to a server on the other side of the US. Then, let me just reload the NFL website and it should work. Most of the time.

�� Second – more reliable method

That brings us to the second method to watch NFL games from anywhere. There’s a whole other website, NFL GamePass, which is not accessible to US folks. As long as you know which countries to connect to, you can learn how to access NFL.

This time, I’m just gonna show you a different option and demonstrate my Surfshark NFL unblocking experience. Connect to a server in Germany… and simply reload the NFL website. The third step – sign up for the NFL Game Pass.


Final thoughts ➡️
Once that is done, congrats, now you know how to watch NFL games live online. And check out our channel for more stuff you can do with a VPN!

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0:28 NFL unblocking methods
0:40 Should you get NFL+ or a streaming service?
1:14 Which VPNs work for unlocking the NFL?
2:03 Watching games in the US – first method
2:53 More RELIABLE 2nd method + watching outside of US
4:29 Final word

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How To Live Stream NFL Games For FREE In 2022! (STILL WORKING)

How To Live Stream NFL Games For FREE In 2022! (STILL WORKING)

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