These Four New PS4 Controller Colors Are Coming Soon, See Them Here

If your DualShock 4 controllers are too bland for your taste, these new designs can add a dash of color. They’re available for pre-order now.

This order is a National Treasure

This order is a National Treasure

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The Most Overkill PS4 Controller RGB Mod!

This is the DTFS LED Kit by eXtremeRate, it’s a kit that adds RGB functionality to your PS4 Dualshock 4 controller and it looks incredible. I am really happy with how it turned out and how to install PS4 controller LED kit! This DS4 RGB mod kit is very straight forward to install but I wouldn’t call it easy. In this video I go over the features and review what I think about the kit! Special thanks to extremerate for sending me out this kit! While they sent me the kit, they had no say on what I got to say about their product.

Buy the kit here: https://amzn.to/3cuiWDC

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when you put these on..

Just a little trick to make getting these rubber joystick grips on, a little easier. Hope it helps someone!
Do you turn them inside out? Watch this – https://youtube.com/shorts/MNizGxTrOcQ?feature=share

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Did you know that your Playstation controller can do THIS?

Here’s all the interesting secret tricks that most people never knew about the Playstation 4 controller! These hidden features are rarely noticed, but they are so helpful and useful! I found ever secret trick on the PS4 controller. If you enjoy, make sure to leave a LIKE rating – and SUBSCRIBE!


Bonus Pokemon Go Kanto Tour Event Coming After Non-Paying Players Got Access

Because some players accessed the paid Kanto Tour event without a ticket, Niantic is hosting an extra event for ticket holders "at a later date."


Is this the bonus event we really wanted? My reaction says it all. Niantic has announced a month-long ‘event’ for the Kanto Tour Bonus Event. We’re getting lots of items and even 100 Mew Candy. Do you think this event is enough to make you happy that people who didn’t buy the Kanto Tour ticket were able to play it for free anyway? Let me know in the comments below.

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You Can Have All This for FREE in Pokémon GO (Hoenn Tour 2023)

Pokémon GO Tour Hoenn has been announced for February 2023! Here’s what you can get during the free global in-game event, including Shiny Tropius, Shiny Torkoal, Shiny Relicanth, Shiny Gulpin, Shiny Cacnea, Shiny Surskit, Primal Kyogre, and Primal Groudon!

Video on the in-person Las Vegas event: https://youtu.be/BmlDiQhQ1No

00:00 Intro
00:46 Date & Time Info
01:05 Event Features
03:44 Event Raids
05:08 Event Pokémon & New Shinies
06:41 Event Eggs

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6 Tips Before Any Pokemon GO Event, Kanto Tour Guide

6 things you should do before this weekend’s Kanto Tour event. You can actually apply these tips to any event in Pokémon GO, but since Kanto Tour is pretty unique, you might want to spend some time before Saturday to figure out your game plan for the event. I also talk about how casual players should not worry about IVs that hardcore players stress about.

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:00:35 – Tip 1, Item Storage
00:01:25 – Tip 2, Poké Ball Management
00:02:30 – Tip 3, Gifts For All
00:03:30 – Tip 4, Great Buddy Assist
00:04:30 – IV Rant for Casual Players
00:08:00 – Tip 5, Pokémon Storage
00:09:05 – Tip 6, More Pokémon Storage

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After screwing up the Kanto Tour Event slightly, Niantic has decided to compensate the ticket holders of that event with a Kanto Bonus with items obtained from completing timed researches.

Join me as I travel, eat and play Pokémon GO the way a local trainer would in their own country and city. Visiting one country and one city at at time through Pokémon GO.

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