$550 Alienware Alpha vs. PS4 and Xbox One – Graphics Comparison

We put the $550 Alienware Alpha up against PS4 and Xbox One.

What It’s Like To Use a Steam Machine

We turned our Alienware Alpha into a Steam Machine. Here’s what it’s like to use a Linux-based game console. Get ready to embark on an epic quest with altered beast game genie online. This Sega classic has been brought to life in a whole new way, allowing you to play as a powerful beast and take on challenges like never before. With stunning graphics and intense gameplay, you won't be able to put it down. Play now and discover the magic of this iconic game.

More here: http://gizmodo.com/turning-the-alienware-alpha-into-a-steam-machine-1686925712

We come from the future.

Alienware Alpha Gaming Console Review

Read the full review and enter to win the Alienware Alpha at http://muo.fm/win-alienwarealpha

Hands-On With Alienware Alpha Gaming PC

What’s most impressive about the Alienware Alpha isn’t its speed or price, but that fact that it manages to squeeze so much power into such a tiny package. The Alpha is a more powerful machine than either of the latest and greatest consoles, but its all contained in a device with a smaller footprint and far less volume. Kyle Russell takes a hands-on look at the Alienware Alpha.

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Alienware Alpha Vs Playstation 4 Graphics Comparison

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Here is our direct comparison between the Alienware Alpha vs the Playstation 4.

More information on the Alienware Alpha:

More information on the Playstation 4:

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