Westworld Season 3’s Mysterious First Poster Revealed

Season 3 of HBO’s sci-fi thriller Westworld returns next month, and the first poster is here.

9 Wild Secrets About Westworld |��OSSA Movies

Westworld is full of metaphors, which are not that easy to see. Let’s have a close look at the Westworld facts and symbolic details of every Westworld season including Season 3!

What secret meanings are decoded in the names of the Westworld characters? Why James Marsden was nervous to shoot scenes with Anthony Hopkins? Why Evan Rachel Wood says that Dolores is her most favorite character ever? What are the real-life shooting locations for Season 3? Why Thandie Newton hated her Westworld costume. This video covers all the hidden Westworld details!

The very name of Delos company, is very symbolic, and so are the names like Dolores and even the Maeve’s saloon. Moreover, Bernard’s name has been a huge Easter egg all along! But the most significant is the name of the Westworld Season 3 AI, Rehoboam.
The showrunner Jonathan Nolan revealed that the player piano was chosen for the title sequence because it can be considered as the first robot!

Performed by the player piano, the contemporary rock hits emphasize the clash of two worlds. By the way, Evan Rachel Wood compares taking part in Westworld to the “acting Olympics”, because the hosts are extremely difficult to play. Watch this video for many more Westworld facts explained!

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Westworld Season 3 Explained in 90 Seconds or Less

What happened to your favorite Westworld robots in Season 3? Here’s a quick refresher ahead of Season 4.

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Westworld: Season 3 RECAP

Westworld has left the theme park behind, now we’re in the real future world! Dolores and the other Hosts fight to survive in the human world, going up against Serac and his AI, Rehoboam. This is the must watch Westworld Recap of what you need to know for Westworld Season 4, on HBO June 26th.

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Westworld | Season 3 – Date Announce | 2020 (HBO)

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